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Aug 04, 2021  

HSE Releases Details Of Locations Of Walk-In Vaccination Centres The HSE has revealed the location of all the walk-in vaccination centres. Each centre has a particular day and time where an appointment is not needed to avail of a vaccine. They will open nationwide this weekend for those over the age of 16. The addresses, times and parking information are available on The centres in Dublin are the Aviva Stadium, UCD, Citywest, Croke Park, and the National Show Centre. You can book a #COVID19 test online for a number of test centres across the country. Just log on to our system and pick a time slot up to the end of the following day. Learn more here: It comes as 70% of the adult population is now fully vaccinated against Covid 19 and 85% have received their first dose. The Health Minister says people may be offered covid booster vaccines as soon as September. They will be offered to people at high risk of illness or exposure to covid. A great National milestone today. Over 70% of the adult population are now fully vaccinated & 85% partially. Over 50,000 more vaccines administered yesterday. With this continued pace, we all want to reverse the trend on Delta and protect more & more people from illness. @HSELive — Paul Reid (@paulreiddublin) July 28, 2021 The number of Covid-19 patients in Irish hospitals has increased by 58% in the past week. Latest figures show there are 152 patients with the virus on wards, which has gone up from 142 yesterday. According to the HSE that total includes 27 patients are in ICU. Follow  @98FM  on  Twitter  for the latest Dublin news

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Luckily, There's a Solution Fans of science aren't immune from swallowing the occasional bit of baloney. Fortunately, reminders that science values a critical eye can go a long way when it comes to sorting robust evidence from click this over here now misinformation dressed in a lab coat. A study by researchers from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and the University of Pennsylvania in the US showed how a broad trust in information that sounds scientific can make pseudoscience sound more appealing. Four experiments conducted online using between 382 and 605 volunteers compared responses to two fictitious accounts, one claiming cancerous effects of genetically modified organisms, the other involving a viral bioweapon. The experiments varied the depictions of each story, presenting them in scientific language or using lay terms. On analysis, participants who confessed to trusting in science were unsurprisingly more likely to be influenced by the more scientific-sounding accounts. Going on these results alone, it ironically makes efforts to promote greater trust in science a win-lose situation when it comes to dispelling conspiracy myths and pseudoscience. One final experiment gives us some hope. Participants reminded to "think for themselves and not blindly trust what media or other sources tell them" thought twice about their responses, making them less likely to view the stories favorably.    Retaining a healthy amount of skepticism in the face of scientific-sounding claims isn't exactly shocking advice. Yet as reliable evidence struggles to stand out in a churning sea of misinformation , there's a growing need to identify exactly what makes for effective public communication. "What we need are people who also can be critical of information," says Dolores Albarracín, a social psychologist affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. "A critical mindset can make you less gullible and make you less likely to believe in conspiracy theories." After centuries of steady improvements in medicine and technology demonstrating the worth of science, the majority of  people tend to associate scientific endeavors with mostly positive outcomes. On the whole, most of us tend to think science is a good thing, even if our judgment of who to trust directory is somewhat complicated . At the heart of the problem lies an easily distracted human brain shaped by millions of years of evolution. With room for attention at a premium, our brains need to be economical when it comes to identifying the kinds of information that are most likely to benefit us. Unfortunately, human thinking has been shaped less by a need to compute the fundamentals of nature and more by how to work with other human brains . Our cognitive tools are adapted to search for shortcuts – called heuristics – based on language, facial expressions, and even fashion to quickly determine who is on our side and who isn't.