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Aug 07, 2021  
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Mobile ID can bring both convenience and citizen privacy Categories Biometrics News  |  Civil / National ID  |  Industry Insights: Guest Posts By David Kelts, Director of Product Development, Mobile Identity, GET Group North America Many U.S. states are implementing mobile driver’s licenses ( mDL ) as an option for their citizens. There are multiple pilots and legislative studies in advanced stages of completion and some states approaching full-scale integration . In states that have involved businesses that rely on ID, a “Mobile ID ecosystem” is becoming reality as governments that issue ID cards and commercial entities that require ID cards discover the advantages of mDLs. Once accepted everywhere, like tap payments, citizens may have the option to leave their wallet at home and not carry a physical ID card that is easily lost, stolen, or misused. The “win-win” privacy design for mobile driver’s licenses is to give control and choice to the holder while ensuring Mobile ID ecosystem operations are transparent to all parties. Many people do not leave home without their smartphone, so an mDL can mean one less thing to carry or worry about misplacing. The smartphone never leaves the citizen’s hand. In our post-COVID world, verifying identity through a contactless exchange rather than handing over a physical credential is much more appealing to businesses and citizens. Businesses check the cryptographic signature have a peek at this web-site to trust the issuer-signed data while processing customers faster. The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) used Privacy by Design Principles to develop the standard for mDLs and mobile ID technology – ISO 18013-5 . It specifies technical and interoperability mechanisms to obtain and trust the data from an mDL for in-person transactions. The mDL holder uses a tap (NFC) or scan (QR) to initiate and control data transfer. ISO/IEC 29100:2011 defines eleven principles for privacy protection that software design should strive to achieve.  There are multiple restatements of the same principles in FIPPS, GDPR, PIPEDA, OECD Guidelines, and many regional standards. Citizens need these principles to be met in order to trust any new ID technology – or they won’t and shouldn’t use it.  Let us investigate how a mobile driver’s license– defined as an ISO 18013-5-compliant mobile identity application – can meet these principles.  There are designed-in advantages and recommendations to look for in solutions when making a choice.  Quality white papers exist describing in-depth the design (PDF), possibilities, goals , and even shortcomings of ISO 18013-5. Further defining these eleven principles lets us analyze the ISO 18013-5 mobile driver’s license standard to see where these privacy principles can be met and where there are gaps to be filled. An ISO mobile driver’s license is strongest in providing data minimization with additional control and consent to the citizen – the mDL holder.  Physical cards and their barcodes divulge all data to the relying party even if they only require age and to prove that it is a government-issued ID.  ISO mDL provides the ability to share and validate subsets of data appropriate for the transaction.  Paper does not provide the citizen more control, as anyone knows who has watched a foreign hotel staffer photocopy their identity document and place it in a plain folder at the counter.  Control is in preventing over-collection from happening by sharing necessary identity attributes with the expectation of secure electronic storage. Accuracy and quality are other areas where mobile driver’s licenses shine.  The benefits of accuracy are often considered to be for the relying party.  Knowing accurate address information and the up-to-date status of driving privileges can help businesses like rental car agencies assess risk.  Weeding out fakes by quickly checking cryptographic proof of ID also benefits businesses that are liable for accepting fake documents.  But data accuracy benefits the mDL holder also.  Correct addresses save time at hotel check-in.  Accurate names, genders and veteran’s status represent your rights in our society.